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Media Usage Survey and Focus Groups

Local media has been a significant part of community life, especially in remote, rural and regional Australia. The local newspaper, radio station and in some communities a local television channel. Today we have an erosion of these services either by reduction of services or the impact of network radio.

The media is also inclusive of social and online media tools. This has further impacted the media landscape. The impact on local communities, social interactions and the like is the subject of my research. How local media provides or voice or has silenced many communities is being explored in this research.

There are TWO approaches to this research. 1. An online survey and 2. Focus groups. The aim is to hear what people feel about the current access to media, internet and other services. The focus groups are aimed at the general public, business people, community leaders, those involved in community-based organisations, churches, and service clubs. This is an opportunity to outline points of support and of concern over what is available today. This is a way of checking on the media industry and seeking ways to improve services where they lack.

It is vitally important that all communities get involved. Details will be emailed, texted and share on facebook pages.


The television industry is ever changing. In Brisbane we are celebrating the 60th year of broadcast television.   I cannot help but think, what will we celebrate in another 60 years?

In the near future we will start a conversation here about TV and Radio.  Speaking of Radio, the industry is just going wild.  Radio is doing so well, it is so resilient.

More to come over the coming weeks.



Ahsley Jones is a leader in the media and communication industry.

Ashley Jones has worked for over 35 years in television, radio and newspaper industry. His radio show can be heard around Queensland, and his column in The Queensland Times.

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